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WARNER BROS BSK 3431 - LP - 1980


hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980

dan hartman - hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980

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g.e. smith - hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980

Hilly Michaels

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums


Dan Hartman

Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Jimmy McAllister



G.E. Smith


1. Calling All Girls 3:46 (Hilly Michaels - Kip Saginor) - 2. Teenage Days 2:53 (Hilly Michaels - Kip Saginor) 3. Shake It Dance 3:53 (Hilly Michaels - Morgan Walker) - 4. Gemini 3:56 (Hilly Michaels - Kip Saginor) - 5. U.S. Male 4:48 (Hilly Michaels - Kip Saginor) - 6. Without You 3:32 (Hilly Michaels - Billy Cross) - 7. Turn Me On Your Radio 3:46 (Hilly Michaels - Billy Cross) - 8. Close Encounters 4:25 (Hilly Michaels) 9. Devotion 4:19 (Hilly Michaels - Kip Saginor) - 10. Something On Your Mind 2:41 (Hilly Michaels - Morgan Walker)





hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980 - booklet

Part of the New-York 70's music scene, he first came to my ears as a solo artist on the Big Sound Records' Phil Spector tribute "Bionic Gold" released in 1977 (an excellent cover of  the Dr Winston O'Boogie's "Instant Karma").

New York session drummer Michaels — who first came to light backing Connecticut auteur Roger C. Reale in the late ‘70s — had already played on records by Ian Hunter, Sparks (Big Beat 1976), Bram Tchaikovsky and Ellen Foley by the time he stepped forward as a singing, songwriting solo artist. Although commercially fruitless, the two albums he made at the dawn of the ‘80s are giddily over-produced new wave-era pop that have more hooks than a mile of barbed wire.

Produced by Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, The Cars, Ian Hunter...), Calling All Girls is the better of the two, with such giddily infectious tunes as “Shake It and Dance,” “U.S. Male” the more than Sparks sounding "Something on your Mind" and the title track. For this frenetic confection, Michaels gets assists from an eclectic collection of Foley, Liza Minnelli, former bandmate G.E. Smith, former Beckies guitarist Jimmy McAllister (real name Mayo James McAllister playing on the Sparks Big Beat 1976 tour), Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone, Greg Hawkes of the Cars, Dan Hartman and others.

Also of interest is the participation of legendary Alan J. Merrill (Vodka Collins, Arrows) and author of the smash hit "I Love Rock 'n' Roll on the second Hilly Michaels album.

A stunning record and a long lost gem.

The album has never been re-issued to this day on CD.

I did a transfer from my LP to cd-r in 2005 (with SoundForge 7.0), and i revamped the original sleeve in order to get the pictures you can see

Hilly Michaels - Booklet


Hilly Michaels - Tray


hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980 - tray

Hilly Michaels - Tray





hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980 - lumia     hilly michaels - calling all girls - 1980 - bionic gold

LUMIA - 1981 (Warner Bros)



BIONIC GOLD -1977 (Big Sound)

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