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SPOONFED SP 3301 - LP - 1976


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John Morse

Vocals, Percussion


Matthew MacKenzie

Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Scott Baerenwald

Bass, Vocals


B.W. Orilio

Drums, Percussion

1. Boys And Girls 3:11 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 2. Shark In The Dark 3:03 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 3. Ooh-Wow! 4:00 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 4. Novelty Shoes 3:35 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 5. Moron Rock 3:46 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 6. A Child Of The Nuclear Age 6:03 Matthew MacKenzie) - 7. Magic Magic 3:44 (Matthew MacKenzie) - 8. Romance 4:53 (Matthew MacKenzie) 9. Teddy Boy 5:16 (Matthew MacKenzie)





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Reddy Teddy - Booklet

According to Joe Harvard (Boston rock specialist) Reddy Teddy were to Boston in the 70's what the New York Dolls were to New York...and then some. All of the founding band members were longtime friends who'd been in the same grade at school: Matthew MacKenzie (guitar), John Morse (vocals),Ted von Rosenvinge (bass) and Joe Marino (drums).

Spending 39 minutes with the Reddy Teddy LP is a very worthwhile use of your time. "Boys and Girls" combines elements of Richie Valens and the Champs with pure power pop. "Shark in the Dark" recalls Peter Townsend's classic mid-period writing for the Who, as do the verses in "Moron Rock" and "Magic Magic". Not all of the Teddy tunes recall earlier or contemporary influences, to be sure. There are tunes like "Ooh-Wow!" and "Novelty Shoes", which are pure Reddy Teddy, quintessential Boston rock; these are tunes referential only to fellow Beanscenesters like Willie "Loco" Alexander and the Boom Boom Band. Other elements of Rt's recorded work point solidly towards the future. "Ooh-Wow!" predates and harkens to Meatloaf's later (and best) material. Bits of "Magic Magic" sound like LA's great X, and the song "Romance" would be just as comfortable in a set by Oasis, Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur, Jr. or any other 90's band. The guitar interplay of songs like "Magic Magic" and "Romance" point the way towards groups like Television, and match the intensity of Todd Rundgren's work with the Nazz. Indeed, it's no surprise that years later, when Richard Lloyd left Television, he recruited Matthew MacKenzie to play guitar on the very solid "Alchemy" LP. Bassis Scott Barenwald was to become a member of Robin Lane & The Chartvusters.

The LP was produced by Willie Alexander and Matthew MacKenzie (with a little help from Maxanne Sartori)

The album has never been re-issued to this day on CD.

I did a transfer from my LP to cd-r in 2003 (with SoundForge 6.0), and i revamped the original sleeve in order to get the pictures you can see.


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Reddy Teddy - Tray





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