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SIRE 9147 7519 - LP - 1976


michael brown - the beckies - 1976

scott trusty - the beckies - 1976

Gary Hodgden - the beckies - 1976

mayo james macallister - the beckies - 1976

Michael Brown



Scott Trusty

Vocals, Drums

Gary Hodgden

Bass, Vocals

Mayo James MacAllister



1. Right By My Side (Etude) 3:05 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 2. River Bayou 3:04 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) 3. Midnight And You 3:17 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 4. Fran 2:52 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 5. Other Side Of Town 2:58 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 6. Song Called Love 3:04 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 7. Can't Be Alone 2:45 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 8. River Song 3:00 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen)  - 9. On The Morning That She Came 2:55 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 10. One Of These Days 2:23 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen) - 11. Run Jenny Run 2:51 (Michael Brown - Gary Hodgen)





the beckies - michael brown - 1976 - booklet

Michael Lookofsky (later to adopt the ridiculously unpronouncable "Brown") was born in New-York. His father Harry, owned a recording studio and encouraged his son to play and compose on the piano.

The Beckies were the latest group incarnation of Michael Brown. You may remember him as the keyboardist and mastermind behind the legendary Left Banke, whose stunning successes with "Walk Away Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina" made Michael, at age 15, something of a classical rock genius.

Some years later, after the brief Montage episode, came Michael's real second group:  Stories, who spent a few months charming audiences before releasing their first single "I'm Coming Home" for their first national hit.

The other Beckies are Mayo James MacAllister (who would play with Sparks on the Big Beat 1976 tour and with Hilly Michaels on his wonderful 1980 LP "Calling All Girls"), Gary Hodgden (who would change his name to Gary West with his next outfit "Shooting Star") and Scott Trusty. Mayo James and Gary have left behind them an already long career as local teen idols with Kansas City's biggest group, Chessman Square. It was Scott who brought them and Michael together to form the Beckies, knowing that their musucical sensibilities and mutual sense of fun could mesh in solid pop fashion. And it worked

The album has never been re-issued to this day on CD.

I did a transfer from my LP to cd-r in 2005 (with SoundForge 7.0), and i revamped the original sleeve in order to get the pictures you can see

The Beckies - Booklet


the beckies - michael brown - 1976

The Beckies - Inlay


the beckies - 1976 - tray

The Beckies - Tray




the beckies - michael brown - left banke - 1976

the beckies - michael brown - montage - 1976

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MONTAGE - 1970 (2001)

the beckies - michael brown - stories - 1976 the beckies - michael brown - stories - 1976

STORIES - Best Of '72-'73 (1989)

STORIES - Stories (1972)

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