the jook - trevor white


CHISWICK SW 30- EP - 1978


trevor white - the jook - singles - 1978

ian hampton - the jook - singles - 1978

chris townson - the jook - singles - 1978

ralph ian kimmet - the jook - singles - 1978

Trevor White

Lead Guitar, Vocals


Ian Hampton

Bass Guitar

Chris Townson



Ralph "Ian" Kimmet

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

1. Alright With Me 4:41 (Ian Kimmet - Trevor White) - 2. Do What You Can 5:22 (Ian Kimmet - Trevor White) 3. Shame 2:29 (Willie Dixon) - 4. City And Suburban Blues 3:04 (Gallagher - Lyle) - 5. Oo Oo Rudi 3:31 (Ian Kimmet) - 6. Jook's On You 2:35 (Kimmet - White - Hampton - Townson) - 7. King Capp 2:58 (Ian Kimmet) - 8. Rumble 4:20 (Kimmet - White - Hampton - Townson) 9. Bish Bash Bosh 3:26 (Ian Kimmet) - 10. Crazy Kids 4:26 (Trevor White) - 11. Watch Your Step 3:22 (Bobby Parker) - 12. La La Girl 3:20 (Ian Kimmet) 13. Aggravation Place 3:28 (Ian Kimmet) - 14. Everything I Do 3:02 (Ian Kimmet - Trevor White)





The Jook - Rule O.K. - Booklet

After the breakup of John's Children, Hewlett went to work for Apple in the publishing division. Then, when Apple started falling apart, he went into management with Gallagher & Lyle and later McGuiness Flint. He soon lost interest working with all these singer songwriters and it wasn't really the sort of music he liked.

So Jook was a conscious attempt to get back to he really wanted.

And that's what Jook was about: a 70's John's Children, complete with futuristic Mod clothes. They made 5 45's in a year, powerful records with Slade-like production, teen rebellion lyrics and Townshend-styled guitar.

Some of the songs were great, from the debut "Alright With Me" to the tremendous flip side of their last single "Crazy Kids" (later remade by Trevor White, both versions are among the all-time classic teenage anthems).

As it was, the records were relative flops, and White left with lan Hampton to join the Sparks Propaganda band after Martin Gordon (Radio Stars was fired. Gordon in turn got together with Peter Oxendale, Sparks session key-boardist, and formed Jet with Andy Ellison, Chris Townson and David O'List from the Nice.

A few years later, John Hewlett with Joseph Fleury made a production company "J-J", the first "J-J"  releases were  Milk 'n' Cookies, Earle Mankey (former Sparks and famous producer),  the Mumps (led by Kristian Hoffman  who would record an Earle Mankey produced duet with Russell Mael in 2002) and a 4-song Jook EP  of unreleased stuff.

The complete Jook singles have never been re-issued to this day on CD.

I did a transfer from my singles to cd-r in 2005 (with SoundForge 7.0), and i revamped the original sleeve in order to get the pictures you can see

The Jook - Rule O.K. - Booklet


The Jook - Trevor White - The Singles

The Jook - King Capp / Rumble 1973


The Jook - Trevor White - Singles - 1978

The Jook - Rule O.K. - Tray

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Trevor White - The Jook - Crazy Kids  

Trevor White - The Jook - Movin In The Right Direction

  Trevor White - The Jook - Crazy Kids

CRAZY KIDS - 1976 (Island - UK)

CRAZY KIDS - 1976 (Island - France)

CRAZY KIDS - 1976 (Island - NL)

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